Mercedes Benz E63 AMG With 5.500 cc machine Bi Turbo

German luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes Benz introduced a new engine for Mercedes Benz E63 AMG variant. Engine capacity of 5500 cc which has been used by a variant of the CLS 63 AMG bi-turbo-equipped devices.

"This machine produces great energy but still fuel efficient,"the statement from mercedes benz.

The manufacturer claims the new engine power reaches 525 horsepower at 5250-5750 rpm and torque of 700 Newton meters (Nm) at 1750-5000 rpm. The fuel consumption of 9.8 liters for 100 kilometers.

"The level of fuel consumption was 20 percent lower than the same model with the old machine, which is 6300 cc naturally aspirated V8,"said an official Mercedes.

Power and torque is channeled to the wheels by using the automatic transmission device AMG Sport Speedshift seven levels of acceleration. Thanks to the distribution of power that goes smoothly, this car accelerates from speed of 000-100 kilometers per hour in just 4.3 seconds. "This car is also capable of racing up to 250 kilometers per hour," said the official.

Engine performance that reflects the style of a sports car that matched the look on the exterior. Rim of light alloy material with special design of reinforce sporty impression. Such an impression is also reflected in the cabin thanks to the use of three-bar steering wheel wrapped in leather sheet. Especially in the E-Select the device with the AMG logo is made with the same style device which has been used sports car.

About the price, the Mercedes sedan version membanderol claimed 105,971 euros, or about USD 1.36 billion and Estate 108 409 euros, or about USD 1.39 billion. If a buyer wants additional special package AMG quite add 8306 euros or about USD 105 million.