Boeing 777-wide Body Jet Airliner Aircraft

Boeing 777 is a twin engine wide body aircraft is much made by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He can carry between 305-550 passengers and has a range of 5600 nautical miles dampai 8870 (10 400 to 16 400 mil). The first flight 777 in 1994.

Unique features from 777, including six-wheel landing per set in each main landing gear, fuselage is perfectly round, and "tailcone" that resembles the back of the blade.

In 2005 the unit price of about U.S. $ 213 million, although prices for airline kept secret and can vary greatly.

Boeing 777 designed to be a substitute for the Boeing 747, but more efficient. Therefore, the Boeing 777 which is designed to replace 747, a plane bijet (multiple machines) in the world. Edition of the largest 777 777-300 and the farthest distance is the 777-200LR. Emirates, the national airline of the UAE is the largest carrier aircraft 777.


Boeing 777 began flying in 1995, with United Airlines. United bought the series 777-200 for a start. The second series was a Boeing 777-200ER and entered the service in 1997, and sent the first time for British Airways. The third edition is a big Boeing 777-300, was first created in 1998 to the airline Cathay Pacific Airways. -300 Edition can carry 550 passengers, because the design of 777-300 aim to replace the Boeing 747-100 and 747-200.

Edition -200,-200ER, and -300 is the first edition of the Boeing 777. Two other series, the Boeing 777-200LR and Boeing 777-300ER is a series of long distance. Boeing 777-300ER ("ER" for Extended Range) is a series of long range Boeing 777-300, and entered the period in 2004, was first delivered to Air France. Boeing 777-200LR enters the service in 2006, and the customer's first 777-200LR is the Pakistan International Airlines. Later, traces of PIA in the purchase of Boeing 777-200LR is followed by other airlines.

Boeing 777-300 is the largest aircraft in the category of dual engine commercial aircraft. And for the Boeing 777-300ER (Extended Range), the engine, General Electric GE90-115B has a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the Boeing 737 cabin. It has a resemblance to the Airbus A380-800, namely the landing wheels. Both these aircraft wore six sets of wheels for the two main landing gear. The difference, Airbus 380-800 has an additional two sets of landing gear similar to the Boeing 747-400 (with four wheels per set of landing gear)

Boeing 777 aircraft are already equipped with the steering system fly-by-wire. This system is usually used on fighter aircraft. Its function is to overcome the symptoms of "less space" which occurs when the pilot moving the "stick". System Fly-by-wire also been applied to the Airbus A320, A330, A340, A350 and A380 Series. System Fly-by-wire are expected to continue to be used for any future aircraft design.

Boeing 777 is the first aircraft designed in full body shape using computer design. And in the new variant, these aircraft are equipped with the "extra room upstairs that can be used as a resting place for the crew. In making cockpit, the Boeing gets input from about 600 pilots. This aircraft uses an integrated LCD screen in the form of glass cockpit.

This aircraft is the first aircraft from Boeing is using Glass Cockpit thoroughly. Glass cockpit seem far more neat and elegant when compared with conventional cockpit. Glass cockpit systems is believed to be a trend for new planes. Glass Cockpit has been used on the Boeing 737 NG series, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A330, A340, A350 and A380 series.

Boeing 777 also has released version cargo.yaitu version of the Boeing 777F (Freighter). The aircraft uses a radar system and glass cockpit latest version of Honeywell. Boeing is the prime consumer of Water France.pesawat this first flight in February 2010.

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