The Boeing Company History

The Boeing Company is a manufacturer of aircraft , headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with its largest production facility in Everett, Wash., near Seattle, Wash. She is also a defense contractor, and a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Boeing was founded by William Edward Boeing, which originally was a businessman and a successful logger. Together with his colleague George Conrad Westervelt in 1916, he founded the company airplane factory who was then called Pacific Aero Products.

Two main divisions of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is Boeing (IDS), responsible for military and space products, and Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA), is responsible for civilian aircraft.

Boeing Company Founder

William Edward Boeing (born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, October 1, 1881 - died in the Puget Sound, 28 September 1956 at age 74 years) was an aviation pioneer who founded the Boeing Company. William was born from a wealthy family of German ancestry in Detroit, Michigan, United States. His family is the owner of the mining companies and timber companies are successful. He was accepted at Yale University and finish college in 1903, the Boeing plunged into the family business, became a businessman in the logging business. This business made him a fortune, especially after he built his own company in Grays Harbor perkayuannya.

However, although rich, Boeing does not necessarily easily satisfied. Therefore, when he became president of Greenwood Logging Company, Boeing which have long been experimenting in the design of his ships moved to Seattle. This is where his interest in aircraft will begin to grow, especially from the business side.

Together with George Conrad Westervelt, after considering various possibilities, in 1916 Boeing aircraft industry to establish who was given the name of Pacific Aero Products.

A year later, so the United States involved in World War I, Boeing changed the company name to Boeing Airplane Company, known as the Boeing Company.

Although still relatively early in the industry, the war allows Boeing as the company gets the procurement of 50 aircraft from the United States Aviation Corps. Its business and then growing rapidly become one giant company in Seattle. In the years preceding World War II, the industry is able to attract tens of thousands of entrants.

Boeing then berkonstentrasi on commercial aircraft industry and then also build a successful mail services quickly and efficiently. Not to mention the airlines that later he gets up and running. Because Boeing is considered to dominate the world of aviation United States at that time, in 1934 the U.S. government charge him with charges of holding a monopoly practices.

In 1934, Boeing and then retire, although not loose business. Boeing later known as an entrepreneur in the property.

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