The electric Cars from Silverstone : Delta E-4 Coupe

Another one is born into the world of electric cars. Delta E-4 Coupé was launched at Silverstone on May 9, 2011.

Delta E-4 Coupé is the result of the development of electric cars Delta Motorsport - based at Silverstone circuit. E-4 can accelerate from 0-96 kpj less than 5 seconds. And so wonderful you just need to browse the contents of batteries up to 320 km.

Advantage E-4 could not be separated from a few steps. First use of carbon composite on the chassis - designed and contrived KS Motorport Delta Composites - so the car weighs only 85 kg. The weight is 2 / 3 lighter than steel chassis structure, yet still pass the test of a hit in Europe.

The next key is cooperation with Oxford University and Oxford YASA Motors - produces a torque of 600 Nm and power motor 120 hp and weighs only 23 kg.

Third, the position was made to sit low and battery buried beneath the floor in order improving handling and reducing aerodynamic constraints.

Delta Motorsport was founded by Simon Dowson and Nick Carpente in 2005. Both are experienced in the world of motorsport and automotive. Development of the Regional Development Agency financed a car for the area East Midlands, EMDA