Hrithik to dance for dad’s 'Krazy 4'

Hrithik Roshan will most likely turn into an ‘item boy’ for his dad Rakesh Roshan’s production venture Krazy 4 .

The film, being produced by Roshan’s FilmKraft Productions, will not be directed by Roshan senior. Rather, Roshan’s friend and associate Raja Sen will be wielding the megaphone.

The movie stars Arshad Warsi , Irrfan Khan , Rajpal Yadav and Juhi Chawla .

So far there were no plans for any role or cameo featuring Hrithik. But that has changed now.

If the latest buzz from tinsel town is to be believed, Roshan senior is planning to have a special item song in the film.

And Hrithik is in contention to shake his leg in the number.

Sources say that because ‘Krazy 4’ has no big stars, Roshan senior is thinking of adding some star value to the project by roping in his son Hrithik for a song.

The film’s shooting will begin from June 24.

Hrtihik Roshan is magical when it comes to dancing. And Roshan Jr. shows once again why he is the best dancer in Bollywood. If yo have any doubts then one look at the Break Free song video from Krazzy 4 should be good enough to annihilate all those doubts.

Hrithik Roshan spins wonders with his moments. This item song from Krazzy 4 is sure to take the publicity of the film to an all new level. Krazzy 4 is all set for a release on April 12th. Speaking about Krazzy 4, director Jaideep Sen says , “Krazzy 4″ will be unlike the avalanche of comedies that have hit us in recent times. ”

“It’s a funny film. But it’s neither slapstick nor vulgar. Very frankly, I am very confused by the kind of films that are doing well. Audiences don’t want us to make anything that pushes the envelope. I’d rather not direct films than make the kind of films that click these days.”