Toyota Vitz 2011 Profile Specification

Toyota Motor Corp., started production of new hybrid cars, Vitz-class, end of 2011. Production takes place at a new factory located in industrial area Miyagi, Ohira Town, north of Japan.

This car will accompany the Prius has become an idol in the domestic market and the United States. Vitz also will compete with the Honda Fit hybrid.

To supply Toyota's newest hybrid car batteries, Panasonic EV Energy Co. will be towed. Battery production facility will also utilize a new plant that began operating late January 2010 in Taiwan, Miyagi industrial area.

It costs about 1.5 million yen per unit. This car will have the ability to better fuel consumption than the Prius, which is 1 liter to 40 kilometers.

Miyagi factory will be one of Toyota's production base in assembling the dual-powered car gasoline engines and electric motors. Earlier, Toyota had to rely on two factories to assemble the Prius, the Aichi and Kyushu.

Central Motor Co. as a subsidiary of Toyota will be responsible for production activities in Miyagi and will become the headquarters of the previous in Sagamihara, Kanagawa industrial center.

Specifications Engine Design New 2011 Toyota Vitz - The following is a list of Toyota Vitz engine specifications latest release in 2011. The elegant designs of Japanese cars, there is a redesign of its predecessor versions.

Dimensions The Longer

Based on the data that has been issued by the Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Vitz has a dimension longer new, previously from 3.750 mm to 3.885 now. As for the interior length is increased to 35 mm or to 1915 mm. As for the turning radius (turn) it is smaller, now a 4.5 meter (which previously was 4.7 meters). For width and height of the new Vitz has not changed.

With the re-design changes, wind resistance or cd Vitz now be lower, at 0.285. So the use of fuel consumption will be more efficient (also obtained from the system "Toyota's Stop & Start idling-stop").

There are also other changes from the Toyota Vitz, the Vitz now use only one glass wiper (wiper) that dintegrasikan with water spray. Headlights, life and off automatically with the light outside the car. For example, so nights or enter the tunnel, the light will live. Moreover, the glass front door was given a special coating that can reduce UV rays by 99 percent.

Interior Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz has also re-designed interiors that look more elegant Vitz in perspective and provide better comfort for the wearer. Hence, on the front of the Vitz, the instrument panel to the inside of the door, designed horizontal. The purpose and goal is to increase the relief and sense of security. To seat the back seat can be folded with the composition 6:4.

The new Vitz trunk also has a deeper ie 145 mm. Trunk deck is placed at two heights. When the seat is set at a high position, then the items with small size can be placed underneath. Vitz chair seat can also be folded almost flat. Passenger seat is now equipped with a plastic barrier to prevent the bag or item falls.

Toyota Vitz also have the latest multi-function display monitor that is equipped with a fuel consumption of information when the car runs, how many average consumption and the distance that can be taken.

Machine Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz using machine Dual VVT-i (Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent) that attached to the Super CVT-(Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent).

There is a Stop & Start system is idling, and can work quickly. At the time of the gas pedal is pressed while stopped with the engine off, to live only takes 0.35 seconds. Vitz engine can also be directly accelerated from a stop condition.

All variants of Toyota Vitz also dilengkapai with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and ABS. Vitz also has SRS airbags for driver and passenger in front.

Apart from the variants of the F and U, while Toyota also launched immediately introduced a sports version of the RS which has been equipped with aerokit in front and rear.

For transmission, in addition to the manual 5, also offered CVT-i 7-speed with Sequential Sport Shiftmatic via paddle shifters. For exterior colors are available seven choices, while the interior 4 colors.

New Toyota Vitz engine specifications :

Has a capacity of 996 cc 1329 1496
Has a max power. kW (PS) @ rpm 51 (69) @ 6000 70 (95) @ 6000 80 (109) @ 6000
Torque max. Nm (kgf-m) @ rpm 92 (9.4) @ 3.60 121 (12.3) @ 4000 (2WD)
119 (12.1) @ 4000 (4WD) 138 (14.1) @ 4400