Toyota Camry 2012 Specification Review

At last week's Toyota revealed teaser images of the right headlight of the Toyota Camry 2012, but now the latest generation of the full image that has been circulating  to public Camry.

Although there has been no official statement from Toyota about the car specifications side-looking stylish and modern. According to one of the sites are the source of the circulation of a full picture of  Toyota Camry 2012 mentions that the new car is 20mm in length decreased from the previous generation.

Toyota Camry 2012 is expected to use the machine quite familiar ie 2500 cc 4-cylinder in-line and the 3500 cc V6. This machine is paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission.

The latest generation Camry seems to have a front facial shape, grill, Bonet, front bumper, headlamp, fog lamp designed until recently rumored to be slid in the U.S. this fall.

Toyota began to divulge a little information about the details and appearance of the Camry in 2012. For those interested in bringing the New Camry, can see the changes that are being given Toyota for this premium.

Some leaks are given Toyota's vehicle showed a full facelift. The headlights look similar to Toyota's sketch. But from the body design, the Camry looks stylish and modern. 2012 Camry still looks gorgeous for a medium-size mid-size.

As information from Toyota, car proportionately no more than 20 mm (less than one inch) than previous generations. Under the hood of the Camry, 2012, we could see a familiar blend between the 2.5-liter four-cylinder and 3.5-liter V6, coupled with six-speed automatic transmission.

According to latest reports, Camry 2012 will soon arrive this fall (September through mid-December). The launch seems to be accelerated, because the Japanese car manufacturer to see pressure from competitors from South Korea and the United States.

The current version of the Camry alert in March 2006, with a 5.5-year life cycle. Longer than its competitors like the Honda Accord, as the second best selling sedan in the U.S.. Hyundai and Kia has also produced a new mid-size sedan every 4 years.

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