Rihanna talks about her bastard father in Vogue

As we did last week, to see Rihanna in April cover girl of Vogue. Here are some photos of Annie Leibovitz are his paintings. too many big plans for my taste, fashion and not enough. Moreover, it seems very un-shooting Leibovitz.

It reads more like Mario Testino, which is strange. Anyway, it became a cover, Rihanna wore Chanel. I still like a dress - it's just awkward body language mistakes Rihanna. In any case, there are plenty of excerpts from the interview yet, but here are some:

    Rihanna was injured before, but this time it was from someone who had known all his life. Singing sensation told how their relationship broke with his father after he was exhausted in the media.

    In the April issue of Vogue magazine, said that the superstar age 23, his father Ronald Fenty recently exhibited his laundry in the tabloids, and gave them rights to some photos of his childhood.

    "I really wonder what I do with my father. What can I say?" Tears of Rihanna told the magazine. "It's really strange. This is the only word that I think you can describe, because growing up with his father, you know, you're part of it, for God's sake! And then something I want to do, so it is strange that do not start me to wrap my mind around it. You've heard scary stories about people going behind his back and doing strange things, but you're always thinking, not my family. My father never know that for me .

    Despite having a hard time to understand your subject, this is not the first time I cheated. After Chris Brown attacked two years ago, Fenty called the media to offer my two cents.

    "It was the first time," he continued. "My father went to the press and told them a pack of lies. Because it was not me ... ... everyone was talking about. He was never called to see how I did when I lived there it was. Just never anything did not call. He went straight to the press and received a check. And now he does it again. "

    But after several attempts, Rihanna is trying to fix a broken relationship. "Now I like that I tried."

[From Rap-Up]

Wow, I never knew his father was a bastard Rihanna. I just went with his family to stay for a short period of time after Chris Brown beat the hell out of it? Maybe they stayed with family members, rather than his father.