Megan Fox’s latest movie goes direct-to-DVD: is that a career-ender? years ago, Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke filmed a movie called "Passion Play. I've been a little sketch on the site ..." save "some of the symbols of Megan, a circus freak with wings, and Mickey tried to clip the wings or any other, no matter, since you probably are not enough to see the movie because it can not -. . comments are in, and passion to play has to come not only short, limited release in theaters Women's happening right now. on DVD! Ha

    No angel wings can save even more division in the last movie Megan Fox

    Fox plays an angel (or even a woman with a random set of wings) works in a circus in the film "Passion Play", a bit strange premise, you should go to see the road - a straight to DVD. The film, co-starring Mickey Rourke as a trumpet blown, and somehow keeps gangster romances Fox Theater poor Bill Murray house everywhere will be published May 31.

    This is not surprising that the film, despite the seemingly strong voice, is not the play, and it was not possible on the big screen. Play at the Toronto Film Festival in September, the movie bombed, with terrible reviews and the public openly mocking while playing - that is, before leaving.

    According to Rourke, the school went to writer / director Mitch Glaser, this was not the fault of Fox, the film does not. In an interview with EW, Rourke absolutely delighted with the performance of Fox skills. Big time.

    "I think it was a pleasant surprise this girl, a first-class beauty are the best young actresses I've worked with, probably, to prove," said Rourke. "I do not know if many of your movies in your capacity to act more to say always action oriented, but was actually higher up and was very consistent and professional, for his age. In the 23 years that even half that could is doing. "

    Unfortunately, it was enough to get the film in theaters.

[From The Huffington Post]

Yes, I have always wondered what Mickey was smoking crack when he said that all the good things about Megan. All others who worked with her, basically saying that they have a huge pain in the ass. Maybe Mickey Megan gave some additional. How Beej.

Honestly, should not affect the career of Mickey so much - it still works, and was providing a career as a character actor. But Megan, the next Angelina Jolie, remember? To hear her say that she was the one with the talent and intelligence or balls. I would fall down laughing once strong, but Megan's career in the bathroom about a year ago. This is just one of the last nails in the coffin of his career.

The last thing - it was like a half dozen people in front of Megan, right?