Airbus A350 XWB Extra Wide Body Airplanes

Airbus A350 XWB (Extra Wide Body) is a family of wide-bodied jet aircraft being developed by the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Airbus A350 Will be the first to the second structure of an aircraft wing made of carbon fiber reinforced polymers. Will these aircraft carry 270-350 passengers in three seating classes, Depending on the variant.

Preliminary design and final

When Boeing Announced the Boeing 787 program, said lower operating costs of these aircraft will from make it a serious threat to the Airbus A330. In a public announcement, Airbus initially rejected this claim, stating Itself That the 787 was a reaction to the A330, And that no response is required for the 787. But airlines pushed Airbus to Provide competitors, Such as Boeing has conducted 787 fuel consumption has a lower 20% of the Boeing 767. According to Bill Gunston in his book Airbus: Full History, Airbus A330 aircraft originally proposed a simple derivative, dubbed Lite Airbus A330, the which Will show better aerodynamics and engine similar to the one in 787.

The company decided to announce a version of the 2004 Farnborough Airshow, but not resume. On September 16, 2004, Airbus president and confirmed That CEONoƫl Forgeard That was a new project under consideration During a private meeting held with prospective customers. But Forgeard did not give the project name, and do not say whether this would be a completely new design or modification of existing products.

He pointed out Airbus That Will complete the concept of the company in late 2004, began consulting with the airline in early 2005, and AIMS to launch a new development program at the end of That year. The airlines are not satisfied, and Airbus is committed € 4 billion for New Designs That Will be called the A350. The original version of the A350 is similar to the A330 as usual shallow, transverse plane and assembly.

A new wing, horizontal stabilizer and the engine must be coupled with new composite materials and production methods are applied to the aircraft to make the all-new A350 aircraft almost. On December 10, 2004, the board of EADS and BAE Systems, the shareholders of Airbus, Airbus provides an "authorization to offer (ATO)", and Officially named it the A350.

On June 13, 2005 at the Paris Air Show, Middle East Airlines, Qatar Airwaysmengumumkan That They have ordered 60 A350 aircraft. In September 2006, the airline signed a memorandum of understanding with General Electric to launch a GEnx-1A-72 for pesawat.Emirates decided to make orders for the initial version of the A350 Because of design flaws, but since the A350 XWB orders. October 6, 2005, filled with the launch of the industry was Announced with an estimated development cost of about € 3.5 billion.

In this version of the A350 is planned to be 250 - to 300-seat double-engine wide-bodied aircraft from design adaA330. In this program, the A350 Will have modified wings and new engines, while sharing the same plane cross-section as its predecessor. As a result of the controversial design, the aircraft is Mainly composed of Al-Li, rather than carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) aircraft on the 787. It is to look into service in 2010 in two versions: the A350-800 class is Able to fly 8800 nm (16.300 km) with a capacity of 253 passengers typical three-class configuration and 300 seats (3 -) A350-900 with a range of 7500 nm (13.900 km). It is designed to be a direct competitor to the 787-9, and 777-200ER.