Lindsay Lohan is a stalker, or is it difficult to crack under stress?

Lindsay Lohan "Stalker. " Therefore, she says. This is apparently a stalker and the text called and said, "insulting" material in its restoration. Well ... Who was it? I know it was one of the females. Do not look! I think my anger in the family Crackhead in these pages is limited. Why should I call and say that I cut into his audience, if I could spend time thinking about your own photos of David Gundy? He was one of you bitches, I know.

        Fear of its target of a stalker Lindsay Lohan - and the danger is so real that people in the Betty Ford steps to protect your ... TMZ has learned.

        Sources familiar with the situation told TMZ Lindsay, phone calls and text messages from unknown numbers - and inadvertently make disparaging remarks about his recovery ... and your family.

        More worryingly, the stranger said that he / she knows where Lindsay lives and watches.

        We are told Betty Ford officials are so concerned, he transferred his famous patient safety, private institutions.

        We are also told, BF has limited travel by Lindsay, fear for their safety.

[From TMZ]

Well, I think it's another "more secure, private organization has these characteristics. Maybe in the network, which can be easily removed?

fire alarm broken door? Someone asks if these people eating some of the cracks, Lindsay finally in the" theft "on Christmas Eve and"forced "to go to the medicine" stalker "? This means stalker grater nonsmokers? If the smell of tequila stalker, cigarettes, and that" new smell lips? The bully is odd track that oozes orange? Because if this is true, you can "Stalker" Crack Head family.