HANCOCK - Will Smith, Homeless SuperHero, Extended Trailer

Hancock Trailer: Will Smith As A Slacker Superhero

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Other movie sites have given the Will Smith superhero movie Hancock some coverage of late, and honestly I had no idea what they were talking about. I hadn't heard anything about this movie until the bootleg trailer appeared on YouTube. It was yanked shortly thereafter and I never even saw it.

The basic plot is that Will Smith is a regular shmoe/slacker who happens to have superpowers. It is obviously a comedy and I think that putting together Will Smith plus superhero just can not miss at the box office.

He fights crime and such but apparently not without some prodding, and in the most comic book-like screen version of a superhero movie yet, he causes a LOT of collateral damage. Seriously, have you read a comic book lately? You do NOT want to have superheroes protecting your city. We're talking millions of dollars in property damage every time they fight some supervillain downtown.

Hancock was directed by Peter Berg and co-stars Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman and Johnny Galecki. In it, Will Smith plays a tortured superhero who crash-lands in Brooklyn and tries to transform himself by romancing an alluring housewife, causing chaos in the city.

The trailer looks not only funny, but like the superhero-style visual effects are pretty cool as well.

Check it out for yourself:

HANCOCK - Will Smith, Homeless SuperHero, Extended Trailer

release date: July 2

Sarcastic, misunderstood and damage prone superhero, Hancock (Will Smith), has a problem, his fellow Los Angeles citizens can’t stand him. While good-intentioned, Hancock always seems to do more harm than good, and the public has had enough. After saving the live of PR executive Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), Hancock goes on a mission to regain the public's trust.

Peter Berg

Will Smith
Charlize Theron
Jason Bateman

genre: Action, Comedy
distributor: Columbia Pictures

Will Smith as Hancock, the Superhero, will be out sometime this year. What do you think? I say, it’s about freaking time :). Now here’s a look of the leather superhero costume coz that’s the most important thing in a superhero movie :). The premise of the Hancock is that he’s not your quintessential superhero who’s rich, with cars, suave and with all the Women swooning all over him. He’s actually kind of a bum. A bum who could save the world. But at one point or another, Will Smith’s superhero character gave into to the norm and agreed to wear the leather costume…

Will Smith as Superhero

Will Smith as superhero John Hancock in the upcoming Sony Pictures' film "Hancock"

Will Smith's new movie: "Hancock"

Check out these pics of Will Smith and co-star Charlize Theron on the set of their new action movie "Hancock". Charlize Theron plays Smith’s sort-of love interest.

IMDB says the following :

"A hard-living superhero (Smith) who has fallen out of favor with the public enters into a questionable relationship with the wife (Theron) of the public relations professional (Bateman) who's trying to repair his image."

This sounds like an interesting movie, of course I luv me some Will Smith and I really like Charlize Theron I think she is a great actress.